Grain processing and products sale

We are engaged in the purchase, storage and processing of grain into food and fodder. Customers have the opportunity of grinding grain in the right quality of their choice. The manufacture is carried out in accordance with the requirements established by HACCP
and ISO 9001.

Customer benefits

• We are engaged in the purchase, storage and processing of grain in food and animal feed.
• Customers have the ability to grind grain preferred quality.
• The production process is carried out in accordance with the requirements of HACCAP and ISO 9001.

Grain Purchase

Purchase of grain for further processing: for manufacture of foodstuff and forage outputs.

Grain Processing

Processing of grains of rye and barley into cereal products. Production and trade of
Barley Groats, Pearled Barley, Rye White Flour, Straight Flour and Meals/ Coarse-ground Flour . Finished products are packed in packaging of any type.


Products are packed in all kinds of packaging to be delivered to the bakeries and wholesale partners, as well as grocery stores. Our products are recognized as superior by the majority of professional Latvian bakers and food business technologists alike.


Healthy and nutritious mixtures of grains, seeds and dried vegetables "GUDRIE GRAUDI". Simple and fast-cooking mixes with excellent taste! Great for porridge, salads and toppings.

Food products

• “Premium” fine pearl barley groats
• Fine pearl barley (mini)
• Pearl Barley
• Barley groats
• Wheat groats

Organic products

• BIO pearl-barley, groats
• BIO rye flour
• BIO rye malt
• BIO cumin
• BIO grains


Rye and barley grain processing in feed products. Barley and rye bran production, sale, delivery to both feed factories and wholesale partners.


Mārtiņš Skuja
Head of Production Department

+371 29143144

Gerda Makarova
Sales Manager

+371 22327267

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FVS Certificate No. 056167


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