Freight transportation

We are one of the leading companies in the Baltic States that performs cargo transportation and logistics. 25 years of experience in business and qualified personnel secure provision of timely and premium delivery of goods. In support whereof we were granted international quality management certificates GMP + and ISO 9001.

The main advantages of our customers

• Reliable, honest and flexible business partner
• Supply of goods is carried always " on time"
• Large amount of cargo in a short time
• Favorable conditions for freight
• 24-hour work cycle wherever needed
• All cargo is insured for the entire time in transit
• The ability to track shipments online

Types of transport

• dump trailers (27m3 - 65m3)
• silo tank trailers (54m3-60m3, 1-4 section)
• trailers with moving floor (90m3)

More than 150 units of vehicles every day travel on the road, and a large amount of customers ensures that 2/3 kilometers of driving performed loaded with cargo.

Bulk cargo

We transport various types of bulk cargo, such as grain, sand, gravel, gravel, coal, bulk mineral fertilizers, livestock feed, sawdust pellets and other bulk materials.

Liquid cargo

Transportation of liquid cargo in tanks: different kinds of oil, fertilizer, manure, digestate, feed additives and other food and non-food items.

Packaged cargo, pallets

Transportation of packaged goods: food and agricultural products, household products, industrial products and other goods.

GMP+ cargo

Freight is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the GMP+ certificate. GMP + certification indicates a high quality and purity of cargo compartments and traceability of the previously transported cargo. This type of cargo hauling is in demand specifically for transportation of organic products.

ADR cargo

Transport of dangerous goods - transportation of inflammable or any other high-risk goods: Mineral fertilizer, fuel and alcoholic beverages.

Non-standard cargo

Transportation of non-standard cargo - hauling articles of indivisible dimensions, non-standard, abnormal loads: tractors, agricultural machinery, various units and other non-standard equipment.


Normunds Griķītis
Transport Department Manager

+371 27002502

Ilgvars Inģis
Head of Logistics Department

+371 26445572
Bulk cargo transportation

Jānis Pikšens
Cargo Manager

+371 20003050
Bulk cargo transportation in the Baltic States

Arūnas­ Šeferis
Cargo Manager

+370 67736049
Bulk cargo transportation in Lithuania

Ernestas Paulauskas
Cargo Manager

+370 68307059
Bulk cargo transportation in Lithuania

Transport license No. EK-01136


FVS Certificate No. 052546


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