Agricultural products

Our Company's vast product range includes materials for lime and fertilizer, as well as raw materials used in biogas plants.


Liquid fertilizer (manure, digestate), solid fertilizers (compost, sludge, dry digestate, solid manure), export, sale and spreading into soil with the aid of specialized equipment.

Liquid nitrogen fertilizer N-19+

N-19+ fertilizer is used for soil or above the ground fertilization. It can also be used for straw spraying. This will promote more active microorganisms and the decomposition of plant residues.

Advantages of applying liquid nitrogen fertilizer:
• Contains trace elements: copper, zinc, magnesium, manganese;
• Ph 7.0 - 7.5;
• Can be mixed with micro fertilizers, fungicides and insecticides;
• Does not contain ballast substances that have a negative impact on the environment.

Material for liming

Production of high-quality lime material LATKAĻĶIS, as well as its trade, transportation and spreading into soil with the aid of specialized equipment.

Raw materials for biogas plants

Delivery of different products on the biogas plant: liquid manure, by-products of plant crops, by-products processing undertakings for processing of agricultural products and organic wastes and various energy crops.


• Molasses
• Beer pellet
• Wheat, barley, rye bran
• Silo

Upon request, we can also supply other feed products.


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